Comparative study of Raga-s : Tome 1

The study of raga-s form is the backbone of Hindustani Raga Sangita. Comparative study of Hindustani Raga-s (Vol. I) offers an up-to-date like compilation on descriptions, forms, movements and spirit of various raga-s. Out of the taxonomy of Hindustani repertoire, 74 raga-s from 5 groups or "families" have been treated (i. e. Kalyana, Saranga, Bhairava, Gauri and Kanada) as well as 17 raga-s pertaining to miscellaneous groups, thus bringing to 91 the number of raga-s studied. Investigations have been mainly based on the study of the contemporary Hindi textes written by the most outstanding Indian scholars, on the analysis of sound recorded raga-s and on the teachings of Dr. K. C. Gangrade (previous Dean & Head of Instrumental Music Dept. , Faculty of Performing Arts, Banaras Hindu University). As there is a great lack of serious literature available in the English language on this subject, the present study can greatly benefit non-Hindi speaking students and scholars of India and abroad who, because of a mere language difficulty, had difficulty acceding to the analytical world of raga.

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Book Title: Comparative study of Raga-s : Tome 1

Book Author: Patrick Moutal

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ISBN: 2954124423